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Close-down of the Live Earthquake Mashup

So long, and thanks for all the tiles!

The Earthquake Mashup on this web site is no more. In 2018, Google started charging web developers for using the Google Maps service. Due to the low traffic, I got by without paying for some more years, but after the earthquake on February 6th 2023 in Turkey and Syria, so many people accessed my pages, that Google denied further free usage of their service.

This has always been a hobby project, and I cannot afford the uncertainty of paying an unpredictable amount of money to Google. If you have the means to talk to Google and convince someone there that my page is eligible for their non-profit program, please go ahead.

I have made the source code for the Earthquake Mashup available on GitHub. You may host the Earthquake Mashup as-is on your own site, but more importantly, feel free to develop it further and adapt it to current technology.

If you want to get a glimpse of what the Earthquake Mashup looked like, it is still available in its degraded functionality here:

Earthquake Mashup

The original explanation of the mashup is now here.

Thanks to all the users throughout the years. Especially to those few who took the time to write me a few lines ☺

created 2018-06-26 / last updated 2024-01-07