Close-down of the Live Earthquake Mashup

So long, and thanks for all the tiles!

In October 2006, I published the very first version of my Live Earthquake Mashup. It looked quite different back then, but it quickly evolved into the page that has been up and running on my web site ever since.

Unfortunately, July 16th, 2018, will be the last day of this page. After nearly twelve years, this service will be no longer!

Google has changed its usage policy and requires content creators that use the Maps API to set up a billing account. Although usage on my site is so low that normally I won't have to pay for it, Google demands that every user provides a credit card number. I am not willing to risk paying an unforeseeable amount of money if some script raids my page - or to disclose my credit card number to Google at all. On the other hand, I don't have the time or motivation to adapt the mashup to another map service - Bing Maps and OpenStreetMap are viable alternatives.

I will probably take down the mashup completely and link to this page instead. As alternatives, you may want to check out

Thanks to all the users throughout the years. Especially to those few who took the time to write me a few lines ☺