Jörn Clausen

My name is Jörn Clausen. I work in Bielefeld, Germany. My blog (mostly german, with a few articles in english) contains some additional information about my hobbies, small projects and the different jobs I had in recent years. My old university homepage is still up and contains stuff that dates back to the early years of the web.

Feel free to contact me via email at

joernc <at> gmail <dot> com

What about the "ö"?

My first name is written "Jörn", i.e. with an umlaut. As this is neither easy to read nor to type for many people outside of german-speaking countries, I often use the transliteration "Joern".

As a compensation for this year-long neglect, I have named this web site "The Ö-Files". Unfortunately, I had to drop the "ö" again for the domain name. Although I could have used "www.ö-files.de", this would have caused the same problems for people reproducing this name. And let's face it: The punycode transliteration would have looked even worse: "www.xn---files-vxa.de".

And for what it's worth, my name is pronounced like "yearn"...